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Educate yourself about the home buying process or Refinance.

Looking to buy your first home?  Is your family growing?  Buying a vacation home or investment property?  Relocating?  

Take the first step toward your home buying goal.

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Choose your scenario below.  

  2. Call us to provide some basic information.

  3. We'll provide a no-obligation prequalification consultation* to help you estimate how much you may be able to borrow.  Ask us how you can line up your financing ahead of time with a preapproval with California First Home Loans.**


If you need more immediate assistance, call us directly at 877-504-2996.

FHA Streamline Financing

FHA Streamline financing is a simple and easy way of reducing your current high interest rate with hassle free process;

  • No income documentation required

  • No appraisal required

  • Credit scores as low as 500 are acceptable. California First Home Loans allows our team of experts to close your streamline process in days instead of weeks.

Call us a 877-504-2996 while the rates are still at historical lows.

Lower Interest Rate

Does it seem that your interest rate is high compared to what you are seeing? Mortgage rates have been at historic lows, and if you haven’t refinanced lately, there is likely a program that can reduce your rate and lower the amount of your mortgage payment every month.

As well, many people initially have a higher rate because of past credit issues that are now resolved, or can be resolved. So while you may think that your situation hasn’t changed, that may not be the case. Many of our clients find that we can reduce their rate due to changes in credit score, often quite dramatically.

Our team can make that determination quickly, and tell you if your rate makes sense. We offer a free analysis every 30 days. Call us now, and let us find out if we can lower your rate NEXT MONTH!

Call our loan experts at 877-504-2996 to get you started in your SAVINGS with a CFHL debt consolidation loan.

Cash- Out Refinance 


If you need cash without a specific purchase, one way may be to access the equity you have in your home with a cash-out refinance.

An All California First Home Loans Cash-out refinance loan lets you access the equity in your home and get cash at closing. Yes, it can often be just that simple!

When you close, the existing home mortgage and any liens on the property are paid off and replaced with this new mortgage.


A cash-out refinance up to 100% of your home’s value. You can use cash to buy those big-ticket items such as that pool you always wanted, college tuitions, health expenses or just consolidate debt.

Much of the difference goes into your pocket as cash.

As well, we have found that some of our clients are in situations where refinancing their mortgage is not the best solution. For example, their rate is very low, or they have years into the loan and would rather not refinance even if the rate is better.

For that situation, California First Home Loans has it's second loan and Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) programs, which use the equity in your home without refinancing your first mortgage.

It takes a specialist to know the right loan, based on your specific circumstances. Let us do a free evaluation, and we can show you our smartest choices!


Call our loan experts at 877-504-2996 .

Home Improvement


Home improvement, remodeling and other renovation projects can add both additional value to your home, as well as everyday comfort. These are two of your primary goals of home ownership!

So, if you’re planning on making significant improvements on your house, such as adding a pool, refinishing your kitchen or baths, or just general fixes to problem areas, you may need some home improvement financing.


Did you know that often times, a home improvement loan is allowed to exceed your home’s purchase price or current appraised value?


Did you also know that for distressed homes that you purchased to fix-up, there are fixed rate programs in place for immediate fixes, and even offer cash-out for other improvements?


California First Home Loans  has special programs like this that make it easier for you to pull out extra cash to pay for the renovations.

Call our loan experts at 877-504-2996 to get you started on your home improvement with an CFHL debt consolidation loan.

Mortgage Insurance Eliminator

Looking to eliminate your monthly mortgage insurance payment? California First Home Loans has the answer for you with PMI Eliminator!

As you may know mortgage insurance only benefits the lender when your loan amount is greater than 80% of the value of the property. CFHL has the solution to eliminate this expense and reduce your overall monthly payment.

  • Is your down payment or equity less than 20%?

  • Is the equity in your home low enough to require you to pay PMI on your refinance?

  • Do you plan on staying in your home for 15 years or less?

  • Would you like to completely eliminate your monthly PMI payment?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, PMI Eliminator – our lender-paid mortgage insurance – may be right for you! Find out how eliminating your monthly PMI will benefit your bottom line.

Call our loan experts at 877-504-2996 to get you started in the process of eliminating your PMI and on the path of saving thousands of dollars on a yearly basis. 


(Home Affordable Refinance Program)

With HARP, you could save money as we help you meet your financial objectives. We’ll guide you to the best mortgage decision with confidence, and ensure your goals – like a lower monthly payment or long-term savings – are met. In fact, according to Fannie Mae, HARP clients save an average of $250 a month! That’s money you can put toward the things you really care about – such as your family. Or use it to pay off your home faster. It’s your money and your choice.

  • Even if you’ve been unable to refinance in the past or have a low credit score, you still may be able to save with HARP

  • Minimal paperwork or verifications.

  • Closing costs are often lower than you’d expect

  • You can even pay off your mortgage at any time – without prepayment penalties.

  • You may not even need an appraisal or new PMI!

  • Current mortgage must be owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.

  • Loan must have closed on or before May 31, 2009.

  • No late mortgage payments made in the previous 12 months.

Call our loan experts at 877-504-2996 to get you started in your SAVINGS with HARP.


Consolidate Your Debt

If you are currently being overwhelmed with high interest rate debt, you owe it to yourself to get a FREE mortgage analysis.

Our team of loan experts can show you how to eliminate your current monthly mortgage insurance, reduce your rate and give you the cash out that you need to consolidate your bills and make the home improvements you’ve always wanted.

If your rate is over 3.75% you really need to call us…


Call our loan experts at 877-504-2996 to get you started in your SAVINGS with an CFHL debt consolidation loan.

Let CFHL get you into your dream home now!

It’s time to buy your new home, and now you need to get your loan in place. You want the best rate, the best loan for your situation, and know that everything fits into your monthly budget.  Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, California First Home Loans has the expertise to help you navigate through all of our programs.  Our home loan experts can assist you in your home buying decisions.


Lets get started.  First, tell us about your situation:


Or, just call us today 877-504-2996 or fill our our form below.  One of our helpful representatives will find the product that best suits YOUR needs.

First Time Homebuyers

If you are preparing to buy your first home, there are many questions that need to be answered. While it may be your first time buying a home, our team closes new loans every day. Let us show you how it works, and teach you the skills you need for this purchase, and for all of your home purchases in your lifetime!

We specialize in many programs that are flexible, and designed to work specifically in new homeowner situations!

Or, just call us today 877-504-2996 .


Buying an investment property?


Whether you are buying a residential or multi-family investment property, California First Home Loans can tailor a loan to suit your investment portfolio needs. You don’t need to be a seasoned investor to get financed with our exclusive products.

  • Complicated tax returns no problem!

  • Programs to accommodate unlimited financed properties


Call our investment property experts to assist you with your investment needs at 877-504-2996.

Are you a Foreign National?

Are you a permanent or temporary resident of another Country living in the United States, and looking to buy a home? Many people find it difficult to understand the mortgage and real estate process.


The best way to manage the process, is to work with trusted professionals who are experienced in working in this situation.


California First Home Loans understands your needs, and will work closely with you to understand.

Or, just call us today 877-504-2996, or fill our our form below.  Tell us about your situation and let us explain the process!

Jumbo Loans

Loans over $417,000.00 to $3,000,000.00 are considered Jumbo loan amounts. California First Home Loans is a Jumbo expert with products like, 90% loan to value up to $1,500,000.00 with NO Mortgage Insurance. Whether the property is your primary, second home or investment, we have a Jumbo product for you.

Some of key points:

  • Products available in 30, 15 Fixed rates & 5 year arms available

  • Loan to value of 80% to $2,000,000.00

  • FICO Score as low as 660 

  • Debt to Income Ration as high as 50%

  • Use of business funds for down payment is acceptable.

  • Gift funds are acceptable regardless of occupancy.

  • Asset depletion programs for income qualifying

  • Subordinate financing is allowed

  • Interest only also available to loans up to $2,000,000.00


Call us at 877-504-2996 .


Buy a home with No Mortgage Payments!


Are you thinking about selling your current home and downsizing to simplify your retirement years? It’s simpler then you think. Let California First Home Loans show you how you can buy that perfect home for your retirement years without ever having to make another mortgage payment.

With one lump sum down payment you can purchase the home of your dreams, eliminate any future mortgage payment.

Do you have the down payment but concerned about the mortgage payments? If your answer is YES, then let a reverse mortgage loan expert at California First Home Loans show you how to put those concerns to rest.


You worked hard all your life now it’s time to live the dream,

Call California First Home Loans at 877-504-2996.

Take your independence back

Our clients have used the tax FREE proceeds of this loan for: 

  • Take your independence back by hiring help to assist you with your daily living instead of relying on family…

  • Make the home improvement you always wanted or needed

  • Eliminating all the medical bills

  • Paying off those high rate debts

  • Taking that needed vacation

  • Buy that RV you always wanted and travel our beautiful country…

  • Enjoy giving it to your kids!

  • Help your children or grandchildren buy a home

  • Help your grandchildren with their college tuitions


All it takes is one phone call to know how to qualify. Let our Reverse Mortgage experts at California First Home Loans walk you through the process.

Call today877-504-2996.

Provide for Yourself a Piece of Mind


A reverse mortgage allows seniors to access the equity they've built up in their home. If one of the owners of your home is 62 or older, you may qualify for a reverse mortgage to eliminate your current mortgage payments and receive extra cash. You have full control over how to use reverse mortgage proceeds.


The mortgage is a non-recourse loan, meaning the borrower will never owe more than the home is worth. With your passing, your heirs can choose to sell the property to pay off the loan, or refinance the entire amount of the existing mortgage balance, regardless of the home's appraised value.


Seniors only need to repay reverse mortgages when the last surviving borrower sells the home or permanently leaves the residence. Until one of these conditions is met you live in your home and make no payments. Your annual obligations include property maintenance, property taxes, and insurance payments.


  • What is a reverse mortgage?

    • A reverse mortgage is a FHA government insured loan program which allows seniors take advantage of their equity that has accumulated in their home.

  • Will I still own my home with a reverse mortgage?

    • Absolutely. The home remains in your name and all existing retirement plans such as wills and trusts that you have created to benefit your heirs remain in place.

  • Is there any risk of losing my home?

    • If you fulfill all your obligations, then no. The obligations for a reverse mortgage are that you continue to pay your property taxes, insurance, and keep basic maintenance and repairs. If you do not uphold these responsibilities, the loan becomes due, which may mean the selling of the home to pay the loan. If you uphold these responsibilities and obligations as agreed, you will not lose your home. These are the same responsibilities that you have on your existing home loan.

  • How does a reverse mortgage work?

    • FHA reverse mortgage works much like a regular FHA mortgage with one very important difference, there are no payments due on a reverse mortgage. The payment that would normally get applied to the regular FHA loan merely gets added to the balance of a reverse mortgage.

  • How much money do I qualify for?

    • This simply depends on the equity of your home as well as your current age of the younger homeowner. Call one of our reverse mortgage expert at 877-504-2996 to find out what you qualify for.


Zero Down Payment Program

  • No Down Payment up to $417,000.00 financing

  • No upfront & No Monthly PMI (No Mortgage Insurance Premium) 

  • VA funding fees waived for certain qualified veterans

  • Relaxed credit scores down to 580 FICO score.

  • 30- 20- & 15-year fixed-rate and 5-year ARM loans available

  • Relaxed Income Requirement – where most loans go up to 45% Debt to income “DTI” ratio - VA Relaxed Income program can go up to 50% debt to income ratio.

  • Qualified veterans


(Qualifying disabled veterans get their funding fee waived which could be as much as 3.3% of the loan amount) for example: 410,000.00 purchase mount X 3.3% = 13,530.00 in savings.


To get you qualified and in your home within 30 days, call our loan experts at 877-504-2996.

Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL)


An Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) helps service members refinance at a lower interest rate. Refinancing can help lower your monthly payment, change your term or turn an ARM into a fixed rate. Other advantages include:

  • No appraisal or credit underwriting

  • No Income and/or asset verification

  • No out-of-pocket expenses

  • Rolling all costs into the new loan


If you are looking for a VA home loan, then California First Home Loans can help you. To learn more, please contact an California First Home Loans .

Call us today 877-504-2999

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