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Loan Types:

01. Commercial Loans

02. Residential Loans

03. Multifamily Loans

About Us

For the last 25 years have been committed to finding  the perfect Loan for you, your home or your business . We look forward to meeting with you and finding  your perfect Loan.




  • Conventional

  • Subprime

  • Conforming Fixed

       30/15/10 years 

  • Jumbo ARM’s

       5/1 Libor - 7/1 Libor - 10/1 Libor

  • High Balance & Jumbo Fixed

       30 & 15 years

  • FHA High Balance Fixed

       30 years

  • FHA & Streamlined FHA ARM

       5/1 ARM

  • Jumbo and High Balance Fixed

      30 & 15 years

  • 80% LTV Stated Income

  • 20% Dow Payment With Individual Taxpayer ID Number ITIN


  • Can close a loan in 17 days (21 day  average closing once all documentation  is received)

  • Conventional Loans

  • Purchases

  • Reverse

  • Refinances

  • Government Loans

  • Commercial Loans

  • Mobile Homes

  • FHA Loans (3.5% DOWN)

  • Foreign National Loans

  • Streamlined FHA Loans

  • Jumbo Loans

  • Stated Income/Asset (For Self Employed Individuals)

  • DU & LP (1YR INCOME)

  • Minimum FICO required 620

  • 3% Down payments are acceptable

  • Excellent clientele service from the     beginning until the end of the loan  process.


California First Home Loans has funded over $300 Million in loans. We lend on almost every property type from Commercial, Land, Mixed use, Residential, Apartments, Industrial, Construction Loans, Property Investment and unusual properties. However, if you own any property at all, and it's not the house you live in, we can make the loan as well. Our loans are equity based allowing for a quick and easy application process and very quick decision making. ANY CREDIT CAN QUALIFY.

With a complete package we can have your equity based private money loan approved in 24 hours!  We specialize in making the impossible into reality no matter how complicated the situation may be, we will find a way to make you the loan you need. Our rates will vary depending on the type of property, term of loan and the situation. The average funding time from application to close is 20 days! If needed we can get your loan approved and closed in 7-20 business days! We make or arrange hard money loans from $75,000 to $3,000,000. We love to support Real Estate agents.


Whether you have perfect credit, or have gone through Foreclosures and Bankruptcies, we are here to help. No borrower will be turned down. Our short terms loans can provide you with the financial freedom you need to get back on your feet.

Programs Stated Income No Documentation Required.

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